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The Catalina Island Classic has become more than just another downhill skateboarding event, all of us here at Riviera Skateboards have set out to create a weekend full of adventure, joy, and excitement… all set amidst a beautiful island destination. We want to offer the downhill race community a chance to explore and experience all that Catalina has to offer. While at the same time, offering them a chance to skate a challenging, technical racecourse, many have never had the chance to ride! This event will continue to grow to become a racer’s paradise and a community favorite for years to come

For the 2nd Annual Catalina Island Classic we brought a swarm of rowdy downhill skaters and close friends to the beautiful little island community of Avalon to all share a couple of memorable days. This year we offered a full day of practice/free-ride so the skaters could familiarize themselves with the intricacies of Wrigley Rd., allowing them to push the limits at race time. We had the spectator zone outfitted with bleachers, freshly made food and played some timeless tunes all while several hosts of Microphone Commanders told the tale of the day.

We had 100+ entrees for the Men’s Division and more than doubled the Women’s participants from last year. With the prize purse increasing to $7000 this year, we were able to pay the top four riders from both the Men’s and Women’s divisions with an overall increase to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places for the ladies. Mainlander’s as well as a healthy crowd of local fans came out both Saturday and Sunday to enjoy the festive atmosphere, the beautiful weather and of course, the high-speed downhill skating which was the premiere event of the Cinco De Mayo weekend.

Big Thanks to all of the presenting and contributing sponsors of the 2nd Annual Catalina Island Classic! Thanks to the Seals and Arnold families, without all of you, this event would never have become a reality. A Special thanks to the City Of Avalon, its Fire Dept., the Sheriff’s Dept., Public Works, the Chamber Of Commerce and all Catalina locals, your help, patience, and cooperation is greatly appreciated. And to all racers who came from near and far, as well as the racers’ friends and family, and all the mainlanders who journeyed to the island to support our event… THANK YOU!

We’re already setting things in motion to make the 3rd Annual Catalina Island Classic an even better experience. We’ll see you all there!

2013 Catalina Island Classic Results:


  1. Patrick Switzer (CAN): $3000
  2. Byron Essert (USA): $1500
  3. Jomar Guzman (PUR): $750
  4. Zen Shikaze (CAN): $375


  1. Elena Corrigall (CAN): $1000
  2. Tamara Prader (SUI): $500
  3. Anna O’Neill (CAN): $250
  4. Rachel Rayne (USA): $125


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