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Another Look At The Catalina Island Classic, Presented by Riviera Skateboards

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As a racer that has traveled and attended many events on a regular basis for years, it was a huge opportunity to help orchestrate the 2012 Catalina Island Classic, Presented by Riviera Skateboards. With an extremely limited time frame to plan the event, a list of invited racers we’re selected based on a number of qualifications. From that time the first 64 that registered were given spots to attend and race for a part of the $5000 purse. The Ladies division was small this year but packed with talent, and the 6 racers were chasing a $1000 purse. The race-course was selected to challenge racers in all aspects of racing, tuck, cornering ability and racing strategies would all come into play.

A special thanks goes out to Bricin “Striker” Lyons, who was flown in from Canada to represent Coast Longboarding, and announce for the spectators lining the course. A major challenge, due to the time constraints was finding sponsors that wanted to support the event. Paris Trucks, Divine Wheels, CSC, Vapur, BLISSS, FiveMile and Pabst Blue Ribbon were integral in making The Catalina Island Classic everything it was meant to be. I’d like to give special thanks to Justin Reynolds of Riviera, without him this event simply would not of happened.

A racer meeting and dinner held on Saturday night laid the rules of the race, the event format and went over any questions from racers. Everyone was prepared and eager to race Sunday morning. Sending the first practice runs at 8:45am, racers started to learn the track, run by run gaining more confidence to lessen scrub and rail clean lines through complex sections of corners. By noon the racers were lined up into their first heats, and it was clear everyone knew they had a stacked heat. The field quickly narrowed leaving a heavy final of Patrick Switzer, Alex Tongue, Dillon Stevens and James Kelly. The 6 women raced a round robin bracket and the top four in the finals were Pam Diaz, Christin Gregersen, Tamara Prader and Amanda Powell. James dominated the Men’s final, oozing his signature Cali steez, smooth, relaxed and fast. Tamara Prader held it down in the Ladies heat with consistent, dialed lines. Riviera Skateboards would like to thank each and every racer for respecting the island and showcasing some of the best racing our community has to offer. Get ready for next year, it will only be bigger and better!

2012 Catalina Island Classic Results:


  1. James Kelly (USA)
  2. Patrick Switzer (CAN)
  3. Alex Tongue (USA)
  4. Dillon Stevens (CAN)
  5. Kevin Riemer (CAN)
  6. Calvin Staub ( USA)
  7. Riley Harris (CAN)
  8. Jimmy Riha (USA)


  1. Tamara Prader (CH)
  2. Christin Gregersen (CAN)
  3. Pam Diaz (DO)
  4. Amanda Powell (USA)


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